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TE IS is sending groups of youngsters abroad to short term youth exchanges every year. In 2012 we are planning to organise a hosting youth exchange in autumn and to send groups to Poland, Italy, Latvia, Portugal. For up-to-date information, please check our facebook page!


Since 2004 we support 10-14 volunteers to gain long term experiences abroad. Here are some appetizer and a document from which you can get more information about the EVS and what to do if you’d like to take part in the program!

You can be a volunteer in Hungary as well – our examples:

Summary camps – Voluntary workers of our Association have been organising children camps in the valley of Éger since 1993.

Through the year they help in festivals and further programs, and there are few people, who has already organised her own program voluntarily.
For further voluntary worker opportunities, ask in e-mail!


We organize summary camps for children and youth -thanks to our volunteers- since 1993 , where we offer 40-200 kids the possibility to spend part of their summer holiday beneficially. The number of children and youth depends on how many shifts we take.We can secure place for 35-40 children in one shift. The number of shifts depends on how much support we can get in that particular year.

Camp programs:

( these can be changed by the participants, even in daily basis )

    • Potholing (from the dirty little holes to the real big caves)
    • Quiz games, agility contests, sport and drama games
    • hiking
    • handicrafting
    • table games, strategic games and games attached to general development

The participants of the camp: children and young teenagers between the age of 6 to 16. Selecting from a relatively wide scale of age-groups is not coincidental: it helps to learn co-operation between the various generations. In terms of the camp, the various age-groups are interdependent, so they learn to keep a look-out for each other. The main goals of the camp for the children are to take full responsibility for their actions, to strenghten their tolerance for each other and to learn community solidarity. According to these goals, we welcome the socially disadvantaged children as well as kids from higher social status.

PICTURES FROM THE CAMP – in the gallery! :)

During the camp, our motivated veteran youths can take training sessions.
The matter of children animator trainng: We do these trainings within confines of the camp. While the participants can select from the programs as they please, the animators work only in a few sections to gain experience in that particular job. We summarize these experiences every evening. At the end of a shift, our animators can do one or two shorter programs independently, while they keeping contact with the children easily and also motivating them. The youth leaders are usually former participants, whose enthusiasm carried them to take their part of organizing the camp and as well doing it.Also it is not rare that they want to work with children and youth later in their career. Our unconditional goals are to make the animators responsible for their actions, developing their skills to a higher level and make them capable of creating a healthy community atmosphere.